Are Girl Scout Cookies Made from Real Girl Scouts?

(Re-post from 3/3/15)

I still giggle when I remember Wednesday Addams’s line. I can’t help it, especially when I am eating a couple of the Samoas that I bought Saturday outside of Walgreens. I did the quickest turnaround I’ve ever done after saying the automatic no… Long story short, 3 cookies later (I fed 10 to hubby), I’m still giggling.

About a month ago I noticed that my right eye was acting up. I thought nothing of it. My left eye did the same thing in August of 2013. It went away, as things ignored sometimes do, so I left the right eye alone. I did let my doctor know, but since I’ve gotten sinus migraines with aura for years, well, I decided to self-diagnose again. I made note of the fact that it seems worse when I’m exposed to bright lights (I KNEW IT! I’m a Vampire). It’s also worse when I’m tired. And once again, if I cover my right eye, things are business as usual. Management did not appreciate me covering my eye with a post-it, but I can’t remember if I was too cheap of too broke to buy an actual patch, so that was my choice and I stuck with it until my vision returned to normal. I thought it was stupid funny…until the doctor told me that there was some damage to the optic nerve that might be a result of the symptoms being untreated. If you ask me, I think the damage was done in 2009, when my left eye acted up for the first time. There was a thin green line going horizontally across my line of vision. It took MONTHS to go away. And when I was FINALLY given an appointment by THAT establishment, the symptoms had already gone away and the doctor said that it was nothing to worry about and sent me on my way. Fan-fucking-tastic!

But moving on…My current doctor did not buy my diagnosis that it was allergy/sinus related, so she prescribed a 3-day course of steroid infusions. She made sure that I understood that it is just meant to help the healing process along, since I’m in front of a computer all day long at work and the visibility issue makes doing my work uncomfortable at best.

So I sit in a massage chair for 1 hour with all the hard candy I can stomach while the meds drip into my veins. It is no big deal, but the stuff gives the most disgusting “funny” taste in the back of the mouth. SONOFAMOTHERLESSGOAT! NOTHING makes it go away! Not even MSG! I had the first treatment today and I go back tomorrow and Wednesday—oh JOY! I’ve tried peppermint candy, cherry Jolly Ranchers, Altoids, ginger, ginger tea, I scrubbed the hell out of my tongue. Nothing works. And as if that’s not bad enough, the stuff can make me “wired” and unable to sleep. Did I say, Oh JOY! yet? Because yeah.

But the good news is that it only lasts 3 days, so I should be okay by Thursday? I’ll be okay because I AM okay. I’m better than okay. I have spoken. I did find this on Facebook while the chair vibrated away… I read it as a “buck up” message. But I really am having a hard time dealing with that nasty taste in my mouth…

On a related but different note, I am finding that ever since “The Floor Shook” I have been feeling more self-conscious at work. It is a little unpleasant. I spoke of it to my therapist and she offered to help me find an “academic” response for my co-workers and such. That should help me refrain from telling people to mind their own fucking business or visit their opinions on someone who actually asked for them. I can wield sarcasm like a magic wand, but I really don’t want to be rude…if I don’t have to be.

Also, I find that I some answers are coming a lot clearer without need for confirmation. It’s kind of empowering. I need to proceed with caution, with Understanding and with Purpose, making sure to show Respect and not abuse the Messengers. And since spring is presumably coming, I’m back to my gardening. Hubby is trying his hand at it too! It’s kinda fun, and he gets that for me gardening is a Spiritual exercise, which is really good. Makes me wish for that farm I keep saying that I need. Which makes me think that I may eventually have to research vertical farming, unless something gives back home. I’ll have to see what Dad thinks about it.

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