What About Lemon Bars?

(Re-post from 2/14/15)

When life gave me lemons in the past, I was a big fan of freezing them so I could throw them at the people who pissed me off. It has worked beautifully, but I’m bored by that, so I want to do something else. So I pondered…

Lemons, what are they good for?

(admit it, your mind went to “absolutely nothing…”)

Wikipedia–my least favorite research resource–has a list of lemon dishes and beverages from all over the world. I’m a simple girl, I like lemon bars and lemon meringue pie.

So Copaxone… I don’t like needles, and giving myself a shot every day doesn’t exactly fill me full of joy, buy you gotta do what you gotta do. I am happy that I haven’t had any side effects. I hold all the supplements that my Pranic Healer recommended responsible. The other day I was dispensing the pills that I take in the mornings at work and I thought to myself, “good thing you hate taking pills!” LOL I take a total of eight pills in the morning, two mid-morning, two with lunch, three when I get home and one at night. I almost sound like a tic tac box when I’m walking… In a nutshell, vitamins B12, C and D, RM-10, acidophilus and chlorophyll, and then shark’s cartilage for my allergies. Ah allergies…how do I love thee… I got the shark cartilage free, or I wouldn’t be taking it; it wasn’t in the list of supplements recommended by the Healer, so when I run out I’m done with it. I also drink a mix of hot water, blackstrap molasses and organic apple cider vinegar. But I’ve been drinking this over a year now. It’s good for my hair, what can I say? I’ve gotten so used to the taste that if I don’t drink it before I have my coffee I feel like something’s missing from my day.

It’s funny. Ever since December I constantly encounter helpful information and resources. For example, I had my last therapy session with the therapist I was referred to from work last Tuesday. Today I found Mirror Work. I was also introduced to Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of the arts. I’m feeling good about my approach to my MS and the outlets I have chosen. I completed my second Mandala yesterday and was inspired to start working on a third.

A couple of weeks back I was also asked to design a tattoo. The imagery is deeply spiritual, and I want to treat this design with the love and respect that it deserves. It’s taking me a while to get it going, but I am certain that the end result will be something I will be proud to present to the person who requested it. I hate needles so much that I couldn’t imagine getting a tattoo…at the moment, but I would love to get a kitty or a dragon. Or both. LOL I am chicken, though. And the daily shots have not contributed to making me eager to have a needle poking into my shoulder blade either.



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