(Re-post from 4/19/15)

If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t. If I could look into the future, I wouldn’t. I know most people wish that they could do one or the other. I really don’t see the point. Not trying to be uppity or anything; I’ve given this quite a bit of thought…Sometimes the journey has been an outright pain in the ass. I won’t deny that there have been times when I’ve questioned God, and not too kindly. I remember the first time… I was about 8, there was a poster of Jesus behind my bedroom door, so I could see it when the door was closed. Made it super easy to question, demand, curse; you name it, I did it. So I’m no stranger to wanting to turn back time. The future, since I never had any concrete plans beyond wanting to be a GI Joe character, didn’t really appeal to me much. As a little girl, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my usual answer was “tall”. That didn’t happen, so you can see why the future was not something that I anticipated. I figured what will be, will be.

And so it is… (more…)

What!? Dreams May Come?

(Re-post from 4/12/15)

But what happens when you’ve stopped dreaming? Well, you move to Wonderland and either sink or swim. The problem is when you’re feeling ducky. You know, a duck on water looks absolutely serene. But if you look under the surface you see his/her feet paddling non-stop just to stay afloat. (more…)

…To Put On A Happy Face…

(Re-post from 3/21/15)

As I wait for the damned computer to restart, eating my Cool Mint Chocolate CLIFF Bar (my current favorite), I sit and ponder about signs. Not the crop circle kind, but the ones that get lost in the day-to-day for lack of flashiness… (more…)

When Did I Eat a Moth?

(Re-post from 3/8/15)

Frustrations run rampant on a daily basis, I guess. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, there is always something that has the potential to fuck with your universe. The key is whether or not you let it, but that is a personal choice. (more…)

Are Girl Scout Cookies Made from Real Girl Scouts?

(Re-post from 3/3/15)

I still giggle when I remember Wednesday Addams’s line. I can’t help it, especially when I am eating a couple of the Samoas that I bought Saturday outside of Walgreens. I did the quickest turnaround I’ve ever done after saying the automatic no… Long story short, 3 cookies later (I fed 10 to hubby), I’m still giggling. (more…)