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50 Shades of Apnea

What exactly does it mean when someone says, “you have a mild apnea”? I mean, seriously, you either have apnea or you don’t. Much in the same way that you’re either horny or you’re not. Yes, yes, I know. It is all relative to the degree to which you have apnea or are horny. (more…)

Are Girl Scout Cookies Made from Real Girl Scouts?

(Re-post from 3/3/15)

I still giggle when I remember Wednesday Addams’s line. I can’t help it, especially when I am eating a couple of the Samoas that I bought Saturday outside of Walgreens. I did the quickest turnaround I’ve ever done after saying the automatic no… Long story short, 3 cookies later (I fed 10 to hubby), I’m still giggling. (more…)